Advanced Academics


Vanessa Perez-Peterson
801 Leopard St.
Corpus Christi Texas, 78401

About Us

The Office of Advanced Academics is a division of the Office of School Improvement and Innovation and is committed to providing ongoing support through opportunities for all students with the desire to reach their full potential by accelerating their academic progress.  We offer a wide variety of advanced courses throughout our district including Honors, Pre-AP, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, GT, IB, and UT OnRamps.  We provide opportunities for all students to prepare for high-stakes testing through online resources and in-person sessions (SAT, ACT, TSIA2).  Our office works hand in hand with CCISD's AVID & CCMR Department to ensure our students have a variety of options after graduation that will lead to future success.  

Mission: The Office of Advanced Academics is committed to supporting CCISD students & educators by ensuring a dynamic & empowering experience & providing a diverse array of opportunities for all learners to succeed in the classroom and in a global society. 

Vision: The Office of Advanced Academics strives to provide equitable access to high quality instruction in order to maximize all students' academic potential that will prepare them for ongoing success in life.