Substitutes, Tutors, and Temporary Employees

Ms. Debbie C. Nunez, Executive Director of Human Resources

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Substitute Personnel Analyst


Substitute, Tutor, and Temp Applicants: Click here to open the Applicant WorkSpace - manage your applications, documents, references, and set up personalized email alerts.

Substitute positions include Administrators (Principals and Assistant Principals), Teachers, Librarians, Counselors, Nurses (LVN and RN), Paraprofessionals, Deaf Education, Administrative Assistants, and Clerks.

We take applications continuously throughout the year and hire as necessary to support the school district.

Individuals desiring temporary at-will employment in the District as a substitute teacher, substitute paraprofessional, substitute nurse, substitute secretary, substitute clerk, or substitute counselor are required to complete an online application with CCISD. (See our Job Information page before applying....)



See 2018-2019 Pay Dates for Substitutes, Tutors, and Temps at this link.

See 2017-2018 Pay Dates for Substitutes, Tutors, and Temps at this link.

The Substitute Procedure Manual is available from this link.

The Substitute Feedback Form is available from this link.

The Substitute Self-Evaluation Form is available from this link.


Substitute Frequently Asked Questions

What substitute jobs do you have?  CCISD employs the following types of substitutes:

  • Substitute Teachers
  • Substitute Paraprofessionals
  • Substitute Nurses
  • Substitute Secretaries
  • Substitute Clerks
  • Substitute Counselors
  • Substitute Administrators

When can I apply? Do you only hire during certain times of the year?   We take applications continuously throughout the year and hire as necessary to support the school district.  We maintain an established number of substitutes in each of the above categories, based on the number of regular employees we support and the number of assignments that we need to fill on a daily basis.  As current substitutes leave us for other jobs, or because they are hired into full-time positions with CCISD, we generally hire new substitutes to replace them.

How do I apply?  All applicants (including TRS retirees, CCISD retirees, former employees, and former substitutes) are required to complete an online application with CCISD.

Can I complete a paper application instead of online?  No – All applications for Substitute employment must be submitted online.

I don't have a computer with Internet access. How can I apply?  We have two computers in the Administration Building lobby at 801 Leopard for applicants to use. Assistance with completing the application is also available at the Personnel window nearby. Most public libraries in the area also have computers with Internet access available for public use.

Do I have to have an e-mail account to apply at CCISD?  No, although its strongly encouraged. Free e-mail accounts are available from a number of providers including Yahoo! and Google.  E-mail helps us keep in touch with you more quickly and is a good back up to communication by phone.

Can I apply for Substitute and for a full-time position at the same time?  Yes – it's very common to submit an application for substitute teacher AND an application for a Certified (full-time) teacher at the same time, or to submit an application for substitute paraprofessional AND an application for Auxiliary (full-time) paraprofessional at the same time.

Do you hire everyone that applies?  No – CCISD receives applications from many more applicants than we can hire. As current substitutes leave us for other jobs, or because they are hired into full-time positions with CCISD, we hire new substitutes to replace them.

What happens behind the scenes when you submit your online application?  When you submit your substitute application, or resubmit an application:

  • The system runs an automated nation-wide background check, usually within minutes.
  • The system will send emails to the references you listed (if you supplied email addresses), with links that your references can use to complete the reference form online. This completed reference form is available to any of the hiring managers (or Principals) reviewing any of the applications you have with us (Administrator, Certified, Auxiliary, or Substitute).
  • The application is then retained and reviewed when new substitutes are needed. If selected for hire, the Substitute Office Supervisor will contact you to schedule an interview and/or commence the hiring process.

What are the minimum requirements for Substitute?

Substitute Teacher – the minimum educational requirement to apply for substitute teacher with CCISD is 60 or more college hours, but selection for substitute teacher is based on Credentials, Education, Applicable experience and Recommendations:

  • Credentials – are you a certified teacher? Are you NLCB Highly Qualified?
  • Education – did you graduate with a teaching degree? Have you participated in a ACP program?
  • Applicable experience – have you taught before? Did you complete Field Basing and Student Teaching? Do you have experience as a Substitute Teacher?
  • References – do you have strong, written references from Principals, Administrators, your Cooperating Teacher, university sponsor, or from previous schools or employers?

Substitute Paraprofessional – the minimum educational requirement to apply for substitute paraprofessional with CCISD is a high school diploma or GED, but selection for substitute paraprofessional is based on Credentials, Education, and Applicable experience:

  • Credentials – are you a certified paraprofessional? Have you completed the TOPS or similar course? Have you completed NCI/CPI training?
  • Education – are you working toward a teaching degree? Have you participated in a ACP program?
  • Applicable experience – have you been a paraprofessional before? Do you already have experience at a school (para, volunteer, etc), or have experience with special education? Do you have experience as a Substitute Paraprofessional?

Please carefully describe each of these elements in your online application. Uploading a resume (or letter of interest) describing any applicable experience is highly recommended.

Del Mar College http://www.delmar.edu/ced/ce/index.html and the Education Service Center Region 2, Corpus Christi (www.esc2.net) both offer Substitute Teacher and Substitute Paraprofessional preparation courses. These courses cost between $60 and $80, and may be considered in place of experience. Certified Teachers or applicants with applicable experience would NOT need to take these courses.

I applied for Substitute Teacher, but was selected for Substitute Paraprofessional. What does this mean?  We base all hiring decisions on merit, and always attempt to select the most qualified applicants available – that generally means that fully certified, experienced applicants would be selected for substitute teacher first.  We often offer employment as a substitute paraprofessional to applicants who are working toward obtaining their teaching credentials. This might include an applicant who has less than a Bachelors Degree, but is enrolled in a teaching program or ACP.

If I am hired as a Substitute Paraprofessional, can I be reclassified to Substitute Teacher later?  Substitute Paraprofessionals who are in a teaching program, take their content exams, and become NCLB Highly Qualified (or become fully state certified) will be immediately reclassified to substitute teacher by providing copies of their certification or highly qualified letters.

What exactly is required for references?

If you are applying for Substitute Teacher we must have 3 completed, written (or electronic) professional reference forms on file when employed. Professional references include present and/or past supervisors or principals, a CCISD Principal or Administrator, current CCISD Teachers, or appropriate academic professionals. Personal references (friends and family) are NOT acceptable. (Retired and current CCISD employees do not require references.)

If you supplied email addresses for references with your online application, our online application system is designed to email "links" to the references listed in your application. That person then uses the emailed link to complete the online reference form. When you check your application online, "returned" means that the reference has completed the online form. Any forms that were faxed and uploaded are available to us, but won't show as "returned."

If you did not supply email addresses, or your references have not been forwarded to us, it is your responsibility to obtain/download the Reference Form to obtain the required references and forward to the us if selected for hire.

I was a Substitute for CCISD in the past. Will I be hired automatically if I apply?  Not automatically. We base all hiring decisions by selecting the candidate whose qualifications most closely match the needs of the District. Selection is based on credentials, education, previous work experience, and recommendations.

I've applied for Substitute with CCISD but have not been selected. What am I doing wrong?  Most likely, you're not doing anything wrong – CCISD receives applications from many more applicants than we can hire. We receive hundreds of applications a month for substitute employment, and generally hire about 40 new substitutes every month to maintain the number of substitutes we need.

What is the current pay for Substitute?

CCISD has two pay rates for substitute teachers ($110 a day for Certified, and $90 a day for a Bachelors Degree or for 60+ college hours).

CCISD has two pay rates for substitute paraprofessionals ($70 a day for 30+ college hours, and $60 a day for up to 29 college hours).

What documents do I need to provide if I am hired for Substitute?

If you are selected for hire, you will have to provide the following documents during the hiring process:

  • Original College transcripts (for Substitute Teachers)
  • Copies of any out-of-state teacher’s certificates
  • Copies of any professional licenses (RN, LVN, etc)
  • Copies of Driver’s License, SSN Card, and birth certificate
  • 3 completed professional references (for sub teachers only)
  • Results of a TB test taken within the last 12 months.
  • Results of a pre-employment drug screening, set up by CCISD.

Can I provide these documents when I apply? Will this help me get hired?  You can provide these documents prior to selection – but it's not required. We base all hiring decisions on merit, and always attempt to select the most qualified applicants available. Selection is based on education, credentials, applicable experience, references, and recommendations.

What is Orientation?  AFTER an applicant is selected for hire as a substitute, they are scheduled to attend a CCISD New Substitute Orientation prior to taking their first assignment.  At the Orientation, new substitutes receive training on District policies and procedures, various pay issues, the Districts on-line assignment system, and complete the hiring forms necessary (W4, I-9, etc) to construct their Personnel File.  

I just had a TB test for school. Do I have to get another?  If you have had a TB test within the last 12 months, you will NOT need another test. Bring the results with you when you attend new-hire orientation.  If you are a current employee, you will NOT need a TB test to transition to substitute.

I forgot to go back on the right day to get the TB test read. What do I do now?  After 7 days from the date the test administered, you can get another TB test.

Is there anything I can do to help improve my chances of being selected? Yes. Please consider the following:

  • Keep your application current. Add additional college hours or certifications as completed or relevant work experience.
  • Make sure you list any work or volunteer experience that relates to substitute teaching or substitute paraprofessional.
  • Create and upload a letter of interest for specific positions when you apply.
  • Keep your reference information current.
  • Upload a resume that describes in greater detail what you would bring to a specific position.

My resume is in MS Word. How can I upload it?  You can convert your resume to a file type that can be uploaded. Converting to Adobe PDF maintains the look and formatting of your resume. If you do not have access to Adobe, you can save the document in Rich Text Format by changing the Save File Type at the bottom of the MS Word save dialogue screen.  If you have any trouble when following these steps, you can send your information to HR and we will upload it for you.

The application says to include my experience for the last 5 years. Should I include more than 5 years?  Yes – please include all relevant experience. The years of relevant experience are a major factor when selecting new substitutes for hire.

I am a retiree. Can I be hired as a Substitute?  Yes – many of our substitute teachers are TRS retirees. Generally TRS retirees can substitute an unlimited number of days during the school year when substituting for an employee absence. Retirees can also work as Tutors and Mentors, Substitute Administrators, and as part-time temps (with some restrictions).  It is always the retiree's responsibility to understand the TRS rules and how the rules impact their work and retirement benefits.

I am a retiring from CCISD. Do I have a waiting period before I can work as a Substitute?  Yes – TRS requires that retirees lay out for 1 month before working as a Substitute.  For example, if you retire in January, then you cannot work as a substitute for the month of February, and would then be eligible to start working as a Substitute in March.  We ask that CCISD employees approaching retirement contact the Substitute Office directly before retiring so that we can manage the transition and make it as seamless as possible.







Temporary Employee Frequently Asked Questions


What positions are considered temporary?  CCISD uses temporary employees for most part-time positions needed for special projects and programs. Most temporary positions are for less than a year and all temporary positions are reviewed on an annual basis.

Do temporary employees receive benefits?  No, temporary employees are not eligible for benefits other than required benefits such as workers compensation coverage.

I just accepted a position! How quickly can I start?  While there are several steps, they can be done in as few as 3 days although 5 days is more typical. Getting the TB test read and fingerprinting complete typically have the longest lead time. Steps to becoming a temporary employee include:

  • Get the temporary new hire packet which lists the required documents and includes various authorizations.
  • Go to Pinnacle for the prohibited substances test the TB test, and for some positions, a physical.
  • Go back to Pinnacle to have the TB test read on the third day.
  • Get FAST pass to authorize fingerprinting. HR staff will work with you to get the FAST pass and you¡¦ll schedule your appointment for fingerprinting.
  • Pay for fingerprinting by check, cash, or money order. You will receive a receipt for the payment.
  • Complete a number of forms including the IRS's W-4, the Department of Homeland Security's I-9, direct deposit, etc.
  • Schedule an appointment with your HR representative when you have completed all of the above steps. Appointments are normally scheduled at least a day in advance. Please note that appointments are more difficult to get on Mondays and Fridays.
  • Meet with an HR representative to finalize the temporary hiring process and determine a first day of work.
  • Depending on the position your accepting, additional steps may be required.

How much will the TB test and fingerprinting cost?  If you go to one of CCISD's providers, specifically Pinnacle Medical Management, they will give you CCISD's rate for drug screens at approximately $22.50 and TB tests at approximately $12.00. Fingerprinting will cost approximately $55.

Can I go to my own doctor for the physical, TB test and drug test?   Yes.

I just had a TB test for school. Do I have to get another?  Bring proof of the TB test when you meet with your HR representative.

I forgot to go back on the right day to get the TB test read. What do I do now?  After 7 days from the date the test administered, you can get another TB test for an additional fee.

Can I just drop off my new hire packet when ready?   No, please. The HR representative must complete several steps during your appointment. Dropping off the new hire packet and paperwork without an appointment will only delay determining a first day of work.

Why do I have to be fingerprinted? Didn't you already do a background check?  Yes, a criminal history search is conducted on applicant based on the name and date of birth. Fingerprinting is required for all new auxiliary employees by Texas state law.

I was fingerprinted when I worked for a day care (or for a concealed weapons permit, federal job, etc.) Do I have to be fingerprinted again?  Perhaps. When an applicant accepts a position, we upload to the State Board for Educator Credentials (SBEC) identifying information such as the applicant¡¦s name, social security number, driver¡¦s license number, and date of birth. If the applicant¡¦s fingerprints have been given to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as part of the development of the statewide clearinghouse, SBEC will notify us that new fingerprints do not need to be provided. When this happens, we notify the applicant. In all other circumstances, new fingerprints must be made.

When will I get my first paycheck?  You will be provided a definite date for your first pay check when you meet with the HR representative before beginning work. Usually, your first check will be 3 to 4 weeks after you start working.

Will I sign a contract with CCISD like my friend did who is a classroom teacher?  No. Auxiliary and temporary employees are considered "at-will" employees. At-will employees do not have contracts, do not have a property interest in their employment, may voluntarily resign at any time, and may be terminated at any time.