CCISD Student Teachers, and Observers Registration Process

  • Student Teacher and Observers Registration Process

    • Student Teachers
    • Field Basing
    • Alternative Certification Program Observations
    • Practicum's 
    • Nursing students 
    • Counseling Internships 
    • And other similar programs

    Anyone requesting physical or remote access to CCISD campuses (including video and/or Zoom-type presentations) as part of a Student Teaching program, for Field Basing, Alternative Certification Program Observations, Practicum's, Nursing students, Counseling Internships, and other similar programs, who are not CCISD employees, MUST complete the two forms below and SUBMIT an electronic application/registration using the District's Online Application system.

    This registration/application process IS NOT for Campus Volunteers (see here for Campus Volunteer information), and NOT for CCISD students who are also serving as student workers (Ready-Set-Teach, for example)

  • Requirements for application/registration

    1. Must submit the CCISD "Internal" application within 6 months of requested access.
    2. Must submit the online Program Information Sheet, identifying your current university/organization, your current course, and your current supervising instructor.
      • Select the "Student Teacher Information Sheet / DPS Verification" link (in the "Notifications" box), to enter additionally required information, and to complete state-required DPS CCH acknowledgement.
      • The online Program Information Sheet must be resubmitted each semester.
    3. Must upload a copy of your driver's license, state ID, student ID, etc.
      • Select the "Student Teacher Photo ID upload" link (in the "Notifications" box), to upload a copy of your driver's license, state ID, student ID, etc.
      • You can use a phone or tablet, and take a picture to upload the document.  Or, you can navigate to your pictures/camera roll and select an existing picture of your ID, or navigate to a PDF on a computer.

    See a screenshot guide at this link:

    Call CCISD Human Resources at 695-7250 or send an email to for assistance in logging into the online application system, or if you need assistance in completing your online application.